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Character Basics
Full Name: Harlan Billy Lewis, Sr.
Residence: Lewis Mansion
Occupation: Founder of Lewis Oil

Family Connections
Children: Billy Lewis, Trish Lewis, and Josh Lewis
Grandchildren: Mindy Lewis, Dylan Lewis, Bill Lewis, Marah Lewis, and Shayne Lewis
Great Grandchildren: Daisy Lemay and Henry Camaletti

Other Relationships
Romantic Ties: Martha (married-deceased), Sally Gleason (lovers), Reva Shayne (married-divorced), and Alexandra Spaulding (engaged)
Friends: Henry Chamberlain
Foes: Anyone who threatens his family

Brief History
A former wildcatter and renowned oil baron, H.B. lived on a ranch near Tulsa, Oklahoma for many years. He was also a longtime business associate of both Henry Chamberlain, with whom he developed a warm friendship, and Brandon Spaulding. One by one, each of H.B.’s children left Tulsa and settled in Springfield. H.B. soon followed them in order to coerce a merger between Billy and Josh’s young company, LTA, with Lewis Oil and bring the family back together.
H.B. Lewis
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