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Character Basics
Full Name: Alexandra Spaulding
Residence: Spaulding Mansion
Occupation: Major Stockholder/CEO of Spaulding Enterprises

Family Connections
Children: Lujack (Deceased) Nick McHenry Spaulding
Brother: Alan Spaulding
Sisters: Amanda Spaulding (Half Sister) and Victoria Spaulding (Half Sister)
Father: Brandon Spaulding
Aunt of: Phillip and Alan Michael Spaulding

Other Relationships
Romantic Ties: Divorced from: Eric Levonechk, Divorced from Baron Leo Von Hulkein, Divorced from Roger Thorpe, Once engaged to H.B. Lewis, Once involved with Fletcher Read, Buzz Cooper Warren Andrews, Ross Marler And Brad Green.
Friends: Henry Chamberlain, Lillian Raines, Buzz Cooper, Vanessa Chamberlin, Ed Bauer H.B. Lewis
Foes: Anyone who threatens her family or company, Roger Thorpe, Mindy Lewis, India Von Hulkein, Holly Lindsey, Blake Thorpe, Reva Shayne Lewis

Brief History
A former jet setting socialite who came back to town to straighten out her family and to give Alan a payback for having her son Brandon taken from her, Alex took over Spaulding enterprises as CEO and President alongside her nephews Phillip and Alan Michael. She has always put her company first before anything! Roger Thorpe married her and then was stealing from her and having an affair with her young friend Mindy Lewis. Alex vowed to destroy Roger and she did! Alex found her son Brandon (Lujack) in Springfield and only had a short time with him before he was killed in an accident. Nick McHenry came to town a few years later and was a dead ringer for her son Lujack. Nick got involved with Mindy Lewis who Alex hated with a passion. Mindy changed DNA test results to show Nick was not Alex's son. The truth came out and Alex teamed with Roger to stop Nick and Mindy's wedding which she did. She left town for a year and no one knew where she was. Roger Thorpe married Jenna Bradshaw and they both took over Spaulding. Alex returned to town and faught Roger all the way and eventually got her company and home back. Alan returned from Prison and Alan and Alex continue to always have a power struggle with each other.
Alexandra Spaulding
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