alan and roger's plan pt.2

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alan and roger's plan pt.2 Empty alan and roger's plan pt.2

Post  alan spaulding on Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:20 pm

alan and roger are meeting in the secret room in the mansion where they can keep tabs on alex and decide while shes out meeting with henry the time is right to kick up their plan. "While alexandra is away to see henry i can start really messing with her emotions. you know shes not going to easily trust you no matter how many flowers you send her or how heavily you turn on the charm. let me remind you, roger, that you are not to cross the line with her. i know how you respond to women who reject you and i wont have it. you keep your temper in check. when you do hear from her, and i'm sure you will, keep your cool. if we are to succeed with this plan we have to play our hand just right. alex has never gotten over her fling with that con artist luvonaczek. he's the key to all of this. i'm going to put out that photo of him she keeps "secretly" hidden away. i think on her pillow, where it'll really catch her eye. you, procede with caution."
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