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Post  roger thorpe on Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:32 pm

With Alan gone Roger was trying to collect his thoughts. Brandon was alive? How would that affect Alex? He knew it would certainly upset her. And now Alan was putting the pressure on him to step up his seduction of her. To get her to marry him again so he could have her committed and Alan could take over Spaulding again. And Roger could have his share of the company back. But what was really bothering him was his feelings for Alex. He was feeling guilty about their plan. How Alan was causing her to doubt herself. After all he had done enough dammage to her in the past. They both had. And Alan was different this time. He had no remorse for what they were doing. Always before he could hold back. Retain a little of his humanity. He didnt know what he was getting into when he had agreed to work with him. Or when he started toying with Alex again. Now here he was feeling all these feelings he'd never had to deal with before and he wasnt liking it one bit. He knew he had to procede carefully. "I want to call Alex and tell her everything. But i know she wouldnt believe me at this point. And if I dont keep an eye on Alan who knows what he could do... I just need to get her to trust me again..."
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