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Character Basics
Full Name: Alan Michael Spaulding

Residence: Spaulding Mansion

Occupation: Major Shareholder Of Spaulding Enterprises, Former CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
Former Executive at Spaulding Enterprises
Former Executive at Spaulding Enterprises in France
Former co-owner of the Springfield Journal
Former partner at Jenna Bradshaw's hand-lotion company
Former CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
Formerly worked at Wheels & Meals diner

Family Connections
Father: Alan Spaulding
Mother: Hope Bauer
Aunts: Alexandra, Amanda and Vicky Spaulding
Uncle: Ed Bauer
Brother: Phillip Spaulding (Adopted)
Cousin: Nick McHenry Spaulding

Other Relationships
Romantic Ties: Harley Cooper (Divorced) (m. Feb 89; div. Jun 90)
Blake Thorpe (Divorced) (m. Jun 90; div. late 1990)
Eleni Andros (Divorced) (m. Nov 91; div. early 1993?)
Lucy Cooper (Divorced) (5 May 96; div. 2005)
Friends: Harley Cooper, Blake Marler, Eleni Cooper,
Foes: Roger Thorpe, Various Members At Various Times of his family and ex wives.
Alan Michael Spaulding
Alan Michael Spaulding

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