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Character Basics
Full Name: Brandon Spaulding
Residence: Spaulding Mansion
Occupation: Founder of Spaulding Enterprises

Family Connections
Parents: Samuel and Victoria Spaulding
Children: Victoria Tamerlain, Alexandra Spaulding, Alan Spaulding, and Amanda Spaulding
Grandchildren: Vicky Spaulding, Lujack, Nick McHenry, Phillip Spaulding, Gus Aitoro, Alan-Michael Spaulding, and Peyton Raines
Great Grandchildren: Lizzie Spaulding, Zach Spaulding, James Spaulding, Emma Spaulding, and Rafe Rivera
Great-Great Grandchildren: Sarah Randall

Other Relationships
Romantic Ties: Sharina Tamerlain (lovers), Penelope Winthrop (married-deceased), Bess Lowell (lovers), Lucille Wexler (lovers), and Jennifer Richards (lovers)
Friends: Henry Chamberlain
Foes: Anyone who challenges his authority

Brief History
At age 7, Brandon moved with his parents from Springfield to Barbados to take over ownership of his late grandfather’s sugar plantation. They found the place in near ruins. But having no money for a return trip, the family had no choice but to try to revive the plantation. Brandon’s mother died two years later. Brandon vowed then and there to one-day build an empire so great that no other Spaulding would have to work themselves to death the way his mother had. And as an adult, Brandon returned to Springfield and married the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in town. As his obsession with building the Spaulding empire consumed him, what humanity Brandon had once possessed was gone.
Brandon Spaulding
Brandon Spaulding

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