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Character Basics
Full Name: Henry Chamberlain
Residence: Chamberlain Mansion
Occupation: Retired Senior Executive of Spaulding Enterprises

Family Connections
Children: Vanessa Chamberlain and Quint Chamberlain
Grandchildren: Dinah Marler, Bill Lewis, Maureen Reardon, Stacey Chamberlain (step-granddaughter), and J Chamberlain

Other Relationships
Romantic Ties: Louise Downing (married-deceased), Stephanie Ryan (lovers), Viola Stapleton (dated), and Bea Reardon (dated)
Friends: Brandon Spaulding and H.B. Lewis
Foes: Roger Thorpe

Brief History
Henry moved from Chicago to Springfield after the merger of his company, The Chamberlain Corporation, with Spaulding Enterprises. Henry was a longtime business associate and close friend of Brandon Spaulding. Although neither would hesitate to use any means necessary to gain the upper hand in a business deal, the two men shared many of their most personal secrets in an unprecedented display of trust and loyalty.
Henry Chamberlain
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